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Let’s take a look at this one, from the “Draft District Improvement Plan,” for Burlington, for the 2012-2013 School Year.  In class today (6/4/13), I would like to articulate and help to explain the role and purpose of a vision and mission statement.  Please read this one below, and let’s discuss.

Please keep in mind that even though it may seem lofty, having a positive vision for where the district can go, in all matters of growth and improvement, is essential for a healthy plan to improve.  We are at a critical point in modern history, in 2013, as our global networks have begun to really integrate with all areas of modern life.  I refer to the integration of technology in business, government, public affairs and education, among others.  We will look back some day, and realize this was the start of something big and new.  Please read this vision and mission statement below, and ponder what you think the future of education will look like here in Massachusetts, and across the country.

Burlington Public Schools
Draft District Improvement Plan 2012/2013
The mission of the Burlington Public Schools is to help all students acquire organized knowledge, master creative and intellectual skills, and understand ideas in ways that foster a positive self-image and lead to lifelong learning, self-sufficiency, and responsible

The Burlington School Department Vision is “striving for excellence” and will be accomplished by:
1. Helping students achieve their highest potential by providing a rigorous balanced curriculum.
2. Employing highly qualified teachers, administrators and support staff who are committed to the Burlington mission
3. Encouraging parents to take an active role in their children’s education through involvement with the schools to enhance
student academic success.
4. Providing opportunities for community members to participate in school activities to reinforce the goals and advantages of
providing quality educational programs for every student.





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