Classroom Discussion, on Question 2 (November 2012)

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Today, I wanted to share some thoughts on the adolescent mind, and its ability to handle and discuss deep and serious topics among peers.  Today, in class, students asked some specific questions in regards to the current ballot questions, for this current election, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (November 2012, USA).  It’s amazing how even when English is not your first language, students’ oral language production skills come out and impress you.  We discussed Question 2 in depth.  For this current election (November 2012), Question 2 pertains to “doctor-assisted suicide,” and the “right to end one’s own life.”

Tomorrow (Nov. 6th, 2012), residents in Massachusetts will go to the polls and be asked whether you support or don’t support Question 2.  In short, it’s like this:  “Should an elderly (old) person who has lived a long life be allowed to take pills to take his/her own life (suicide); while being mindful that the individual may find himself/herself to be in great pain/ discomfort?”  My high school ELL students really impressed me today, and I had to acknowledge their honesty and thoughtful responses.  They engaged in a heated and passionate discussion, with some voices supporting Question 2, and others opposed.

Many thanks to my students for a great class today.  Signing off:  Mista Chocka



October 2012, Ray Charles – classic.

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So glad you clicked on this link … but all parties are busy at this time. Your call is important to us. Please enjoy the music while your party is reached (smile).
Please follow this blog too!
Mista Chocka

New school year, off to great start! Sept. 2012

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Wow – things sure do get busy come September. As a busy teacher, I’m often thinking… do we all have to get so busy…? Is there something we’re doing wrong? Well, yes, sure… I am sure that there are things that need improvement. I sincerely believe that I do a good job everyday, in teaching my ELL students, but still we are so busy. Aha! I know what it is!! You see… there is just so much to learn, and there’s no time to waste — plus, in teaching, there is a lot of preparation. So… I guess that’s it. The good news is… for me, that I am well-organized in all that I do, and I know that helps me in my teaching.
Okay, back to the busy life of a teacher!
Gotta run!
Mista Chocka

Chiocca Family Reunion! – 8/26/12

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Great to see everybody there!

Summer 2012

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Hey all,

Hope your summer is off to a fine start! The MADPC conference last week, at Burlington High was really awesome. I was glad to learn about how I can use new and different sites and apps in my teaching and teacher preparation, but was even happier that I got to put some of my new knowledge into practice.

I got much better at Dropbox. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically free online storage of your docs, files, photos and more, but the best part is that you don’t have it on one device or hard drive. It’s through, so essentially it’s like “in the cloud.”

Anyways, so… I think our district will be doing away with our current document storage system, so we have been encourages to start moving important files to either GoogleDocs (aka Google Drive) or Dropbox. I’m glad to say I moved it all to Dropbox during the MADPC conference!

Let me give a big shout out to Dennis, Josh, Dan, Andy and Tim and the rest of our awesome BPS Ed Tech Team!

Happy Summer~

June 25, 26, 27 — MADPC at BHS!

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June 2012 – Graduation for BHS Seniors ~

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Many can agree that it’s a wonderful time for seniors in high school. It’s a time when we can look back at high school accomplishment and success, while also looking forward with great hope for a bright future.

I have four seniors this year, and am so proud of them! Congrats!

Our field trip was a success! (4/26/12)

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Please check out these photos from our African-American Student Association Field Trip (4/26/12).  If you don’t see them right here… please look to the left or right and down a bit… as I am trying a new photo-sharing site.  It should be in a “slide show” format.

Thanks to all our wonderful new friends at Northeastern!

Mr. Chiocca
Club Advisor, Burlington High School
African-American Student AssociationImage

April 2012 – Spring is here!

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Even though we had a fair and easy winter, for New England, it still feels good to make the transition to Spring. This time of year at the high school level is always quite interesting. Some seniors already know where they’re going to go to college, some are still waiting to find out and others still haven’t made their post-secondary plans.

I had the chance today to convince several students to walk with me over to the Lincoln Tech Table, during lunch. For some students who don’t have their plans set in stone yet, technical colleges like Lincoln Tech offer a good option. They offer 6-month and 9-month programs for students to become professionals in Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Criminal Justice, Information Tech Support and other related programs.

Check it out through the link above (or below).
Take care,
Mr. C

Technical Training in Massachusetts

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Technical Training in Massachusetts.

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