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Hello Families, Students:

Since it’s August, and you’re preparing to go back to school (or send your child back to school), you may have looked at our district’s site & calendar.  It can be found here:


In the late days of August, before school resumes for students, you may notice that we have 3 days of PD.  What is PD?  It is “Professional Development,” and it’s part of teacher contracts.  We teachers need to learn new things too, especially in this ever-changing world of the latest and greatest technology apps, programs and software.  I can share that I have learned a few things that I will be using in this upcoming school year (2013-2014).

I am going to start using EdModo and Evernote.  EdModo is basically a “lite” version of Blackboard (the software used by many universities from which instructors teach and share all class documents, files and assignments).  It’s a kind of LMS (Learning Management System).  Evernote is basically an online digital notebook, from which you can save, edit and organize all the great things you find online.


Also, I am making the full switch to an online gradebook!  Our student information system is called Aspen, and we’ve been using it for a few years.  In the past, the schools used Aspen for all kinds of things, but mostly for attendance, student data and report cards (grades/ marks).  Teachers at BHS were allowed to simply enter “end of term” grades at the end of the term, while still maintaining a classic paper rank book, but now all teachers at BHS are required to put all grades, assignment marks, homework points, project grades and grades from tests, quizzes and writing assignments on Aspen.  It is now the main place for all BHS teachers to record students’ grades.  I am happy to learn something new, and so am happy to be a “paper convert;” thus switching completely from my days of the classic rank book, to the Aspen Gradebook! 

Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment!  Cheers, “Mista Chocka”



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