Summer advice _ July 2013

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Hello Parents, Families:

Busy summer…?  Perhaps for some of you…  I know that others, like myself, are trying to enjoy some “R & R” … which stands for “rest and relaxation.”  Since I pour 100% into my teaching during the school year, I must admit that I try my best to “recharge my batteries” during each vacation.

I will however, share that I make my children, ages 9 and 7, do some reading and learning activities each day.  Yes, I require that my kids do: at least 10-15 minutes of age-appropriate/ skill-level appropriate reading (out loud, so I can help with decoding and pronunciation); some math (like flash cards, to reinforce those basic skills); and our daily music practice (piano lesson practice time).

I encourage you to insist that your child continues to improve their academic skills and increase their knowledge in ways that you think might help them in the upcoming school year!

Finally, let me also suggest day trips to expose your child to places that can enrich their life experiences and aid in their maturation process.  I suggest aquariums, museums, libraries, parks, beaches, rivers, lakes, historical sites, cities and towns, festivals, shows, concerts, camps, fairgrounds (aka fairs), university and college campuses, farmers’ markets, athletic events, fried seafood shacks and restaurants, old-fashioned car shows (aka cruise-ins), and amusement and theme parks!  Massachusetts has a lot to offer, especially in the summer.  The beaches are wonderful, and since this blog is mostly meant for the parents and families of my ELLs, in Burlington, Mass., let me suggest some beaches nearby.

Some of the most popular are:  Salisbury Beach, Newbury Beach, Salisbury State Beach Reservation, Crane Beach, Plum Island, and Hampton Beach (Hampton, NH), which is just over the Massachusetts border.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Signing off:

Mista Chocka



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